Use our resource map  which features accessible places for all.  We offer a new featured interactive map location on a monthly basis. Once you “Join Us” you will be emailed a featured story which we hope will enhance your quality of life within the New York City area.  If you do not live in New York, we hope that what we report will be used as an example for your special needs community.


Our goal is generate a movement to bring mobility awareness, consideration, and respect for all people in society; no matter what mobility challenges they may face.


Click on “Resource Map” and let us together create positive change by building communities of accessibility and  mobility  for all.


 If you would like to go out for the day or for a few hours…

      Where can you go?

          •      Is it close to home?

          •      Is the facility accessible?

          •      Is it easy to get to?

      What is the location?

      How far is it?

      What is the best way to get there?

      Can you get there by public transportation?

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          •      The name of the program?

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