Universal Design:  Special Needs Lifeline (SNLLC) is here for you to build a community that is beautifully accessible. We want each and every member to know that SNLLC is your support network for all touched by a disability. Please visit our featured story page and let your voice be heard.


Our plan is to visit Special Needs Facilities throughout New York City, and promote Universal Design.


Universal design (def) Universal design represents an evolution toward the understanding that we must not view individuals with disabilities as separate and different, but as an inherent part of our extraordinary diversity.  Universal design is an approach to the development of “products and environments that can be used effectively by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design” (North Carolina State University, 1997). It is an inclusive process aimed at enabling all of us to experience the full benefits of the products and environments around us regardless of our ages, sizes or abilities.(Universal Design New York,  Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities)