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The principle of universal design addresses the attention of the diverse needs of all people.  This will lead to well-designed buildings that seamlessly integrate thoughtful solutions and appropriate materials for those not specifically for but including the special needs community. By designing for a diverse population, universal designers integrate usability by everyone into their work on a routine basis.  This approach leads to greater inclusion for many groups often neglected in the design process, (e.g., children, the elderly, people of small stature, frail people, etc. (Universal Design New York, Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities)

I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with a couple of dear friends.  It was such a special day.  As an interior design contractor, I found it to be an inspiring and enchanting venue of tremendous beauty.  It is a place for all to enjoy.  The facility is accessible and features exhibits that touch the heart, expand the mind, and enrich the soul.  I highly recommend it.   Let us view this as an example of what is available for all to enjoy.  What programs, for visitors with learning and developmental disabilities, can you think of to bring to your community (big or small) that is fully accessible?

NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art: Armor for Man and Horse

Metropolitan Museum of Art  Discoveries-Power and Protection: A Look at Armor

The Metropolitan Museum of Art invites you to Discoveries, a Sunday program for adults and children with developmental and/or learning disabilities, together with friends and family members.  Each Discoveries workshop focuses on a theme and includes a gallery tour followed by a related art activity in the studio. (Free, but reservations are required)
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