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An Accessible and Free Boat Ride

Everyone needs a few hours to enjoy, to be out, to breathe fresh air.  A lot more thought has to go into an outing when Anthonyone is wheel chair bound.  Where can you go? How will you get there? Is it accessible? Can you navigate your wheel chair safely with ease?

Lori and I took Anthony for a boat ride yesterday, the Staten Island Ferry, Staten Island, New York.

00.Staten Island Ferry

It was a lovely cool morning, 62 degrees and sunny.  Anthony was never on a boat.  His eyes were wide with wonder; he was engaged, and at times smiled and shrieked with enjoyment.  It was a good time for all of us.

Although there was municipal parking available, we chose to find a parking spot on the street.  Two hours was all we needed to have a round trip ferry ride from Staten Island to New York City and back.  So we fed the meter and off we went.1.Water View ApproachThe streets were a bit hilly in the area, so a little muscle was needed to push, but Anthony is a light-weight so we managed.  Parking is adjacent to the Ferry entrance, next time we will park there.

The sidewalks were curb-cut for us to cross the street; and the elevator was available for us to enter the ferry terminal.  We tried to enter through to the ferry entrance and found the end sections to be wide enough for his wheel chair. 

Initially Lori was a bit concerned with the crowds, but she pushed Anthony in his wheel chair, and I stood by their side.  We were one of the first on the boat and found the best seat for him.  I was a bit surprised there were no designated areas for the disabled and elderly as there are on city buses.  This would be a good recommendation for us to offer the management of the ferry, NYC Department of Transportation.8.Nice to see Lori smile with Anthony

It was a wonderful outing.  We were able to show Anthony the Verrazano Bridge, the glistening water, the boats passing, and the approaching New York City skyline.  When the captain blew the horn as we initially departed, Anthony closed his eyes and was a bit frightened.  On the return trip, when the horn blew, he was fine.  Our little guy is experiencing life and growing.  It’s a wonderful thing. 

5.So much to discover

    This is an accessible day trip we in New York City can take with our loved ones.